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Ignite your motivation to keep learning
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Dance Class

Dance PT Summit

Date: May 19, 2024

Day: Sunday

Time: 4 - 6pm est

Location: zoom

Unlock the Knowledge: What Awaits You?

Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone?

Safe space is a phrase that has gained immense importance in the world of dance physical therapy. It originates from a sincere intent—to provide a comforting and secure environment for dancers, ensuring they feel safe. This year, we've witnessed a growing recognition of the significance of this concept.

Safety isn't just a physical aspect; it's deeply rooted in our psychological needs as humans. From the moment we're born, we possess an inherent sense of security about who we are and what we can control. In infancy, our control is limited, but as we grow, our ability to influence our surroundings expands.

As dance therapists, we often encounter situations where we must address the need for safety, both for the dancers we treat and for ourselves in our professional journeys. Many problems may feel familiar, well within our comfort zone. These could be injuries, rehabilitation exercises, or even managing our client relationships. You might think of them as the "green slopes" in the world of dance therapy—challenges you've encountered before and know how to navigate.

However, there comes a time when new challenges emerge. These are the "double black diamonds" of our profession, representing issues that push us far beyond our current skill level. They seem insurmountable and intimidating. You stand at the edge of your comfort zone, and the tension is palpable. If left unsolved, these challenges don't disappear; instead, they multiply, leading to increased pressure and stress.

It's at this crucial juncture that you face a choice: you can either retreat to the safety of your comfort zone, attempting to hang on and skirt the issue or choose to learn, adapt, and conquer. To grow as a dance physical therapist or assistant, you must be willing to step beyond your comfort zone.

It's about expanding your willingness to embrace discomfort, and the rewards that await you on the other side are immeasurable. This journey will lead you to the deepest levels of accomplishment, pride, and fulfillment in your career.

Think about the challenges you've mastered as a dance physical therapist or assistant. Remember the problems that once seemed insurmountable but now lie within your grasp. These are the moments of expansion, where you've become more than you once were.

Crossing the threshold of your comfort zone is all about growth. It's about opening up to become more than you ever thought possible. Let me share a struggle I've had that illustrates this principle:

"As an inherently energetic and bubbly person immersed in a room full of dance physical therapists, it often feels like being a vibrant splash of color in a sea of grayscale. In a profession that occasionally seems to emphasize stoicism and restraint, there can be an unspoken pressure to conform to a specific mold. It can be disheartening when colleagues inadvertently signal that you need to stay within the lines of their accepted personalities and behaviors. When you do break out of those boundaries, they may mask their discomfort by labeling it as "unprofessional." But professionalism, in essence, is an evolving concept shaped by subjective opinions. This can become a smokescreen for judgment and unsupportiveness, which leaves aspiring PTs and PTAs interested in Dance PT feeling dejected and demotivated. The journey to joining the Dance PT community should be about embracing diverse talents and qualities rather than stifling them."

As a dance physical therapist or assistant, there can be many challenges you face are opportunities for growth and expansion. The more you cross your comfort zone's threshold, the more you build the strength to tackle any obstacle. No one can take away the skills and experiences you accumulate in this journey. It's about evolving, learning, and embracing discomfort to become the best version of yourself.

So, if there's a current problem in your life, don't delay finding a solution. It's an opportunity to expand, grow, and develop your capabilities. Embrace the discomfort, and remember, it builds a muscle that no one can take away from you. You'll become more resilient, resourceful, and empowered to serve your dancers effectively in your practice.

Cheers to getting uncomfortable and embracing the challenges that lead to remarkable growth.

With a hug and high five,

Jenna Kantor, Dance Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy Session
Mary McMillan moved to America and helped start the physical therapy profession. This was no easy feat. It would not be easy to build a practice for dancers. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

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The Dance PT Program is your gateway to self-empowerment. By joining this comprehensive program, you'll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in the field of dance physical therapy. You'll learn to treat dancers effectively, enhance your career prospects, and build a thriving practice. The program's expert guidance and cutting-edge curriculum empower you to become a specialist in dance rehabilitation. With this newfound expertise, you'll not only transform your career but also make a significant impact on the lives of dancers, helping them perform at their best and recover from injuries. So, seize the opportunity and empower yourself through the Dance PT Program!


The Dance PT Program is your source of professional and personal recharge. This comprehensive program not only equips you with the skills and expertise to excel in dance physical therapy but also renews your passion for your career. As you dive into the world of dance rehabilitation, you'll find your enthusiasm and motivation rekindled. The program's interactive sessions, expert guidance, and access to a vast network of professionals provide the revitalization you need. You'll feel recharged and invigorated, ready to take on new challenges and make a real difference in the lives of dancers. Embrace the Dance PT Program to recharge your professional journey and reignite your love for your work.

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