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Jenna Kantor, PT, DPT, is a bubbly and energetic woman who was born and raised in Petaluma, California. She trained intensively at Petaluma City Ballet, Houston Ballet, BalletMet, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Regional Dance America Choreography Conference, and Regional Dance America. Over time, the injuries added up and she knew she would not have a lasting career in ballet. This lead her to the University of California, Irvine, where she discovered a passion for musical theatre. 


Upon graduating, Jenna Kantor worked professionally in musical theatre for 15+ years then found herself ready to move onto a new chapter in her life. Jenna was teaching ballet to kids ages 4 through 17 and group fitness classes to adults. Through teaching, she discovered she had a deep interest in the human body and a desire to help others on a higher level. She was fortunate to get accepted into the DPT program at Columbia.


Dr. Kantor co-founded and runs Fairytale Physical Therapy which brings musical theatre shows to children in hospitals. She hosts the Dance PT Podcast and guest hosts on the podcast Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart. She has served as the NYPTA SSIG Advocacy Chair, the NYC Conclave 2017 committee, NYPTA Social media committee, was the NYPTA Public Policy Student Liaison, and co-founded the NYPTA SSIG. Dr. Kantor won the APTA PPS Business Concept Contest and made the top 40 List for an Up and Coming Physical Therapy with UpDoc Media before graduating PT school.

Jenna Kantor currently volunteers with the PPS Marketing & PR Committee and is the website builder for the American Academy of Physical Therapy. She provides complimentary, regular online content that advocates for the physical therapy profession. 


Dr. Kantor runs her own private practice, Jenna Kantor Physical Therapy, PLLC, and an online wellness program for performing artists called Powerful Performer. She is licensed to treat in New York and Pennsylvania.

Jenna continues to perform in musical theatre and lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband, doggy, and two cats. 

  • Do you take insurance?
    Because of the nature of our mobile business (traveling to the home and office and spending an hour with clients) we do NOT take insurance and are considered an out-of-network provider with ALL insurance companies. If you have out-of-network benefits with your health insurance we will provide you with the documentation you need to turn into your insurance company for reimbursement. Therefore payment is due at the time of service. Jenna Kantor Physical Therapy, PLLC is not a Medicare Provider, so the law prevents us from providing Medicare patients with what would be considered “normally covered services.” If you are a Medicare beneficiary and would still like to request treatment or have questions, please call us.
  • Where in Pittsburgh do you travel to provide physical therapy?
    We mobile PT to people that live/work in Allegheny County
  • How do I schedule a session?
    All patients can schedule, reschedule and cancel their own sessions online via the link below. If you are a new patient or you are coming in for a new injury, you should sign up for an initial evaluation. The schedule is open 30 days in advance meaning you can schedule out for 30 days.
  • Do I need a script from an MD?
    PA and NY has direct access and Jenna Kantor has been practicing for more than three years so she can see patients for treatment without a PT script. That being said, according to NY law, the patient will need to obtain a script from their MD after 10 treatments or 30 days-whichever comes first. So if you’re planning to be seen for a prolonged period, you’ll need to visit an MD and obtain a script. After this time-period, you will be responsible for supplying JKPT with an up-to-date script. If you need a referral to an MD, JKPT is happy to point you in the right direction!
  • What happens if I am feeling sick?
    If you are feeling ill and need to pivot to a Telehealth session, please message us ASAP either via email or by phone/text. We can see you for a virtual session if you are in: PA & NY.
  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    For a lower body injury, please bring shorts. If you being seen for an upper body/neck injury, please bring a tank top. If you are coming for a back injury, please bring clothing we can easily work around to see your back. You’re welcome to change on premises.
  • How do you know if you have out of network benefits?
    This is simple! All you have to do is call your insurance company and ask them if your plan includes out of network benefits. If you do have out of network benefits ask your insurance company the following questions: Do I have an out of network deductible? Have I met my deductible for the year? If not how far away am I from meeting the deductible? Is there paperwork that must be filled out when submitting the out of network claims? If so do you provide that paperwork? Do I need to be pre-certified for physical therapy sessions in order to receive reimbursement?
  • How does a Telehealth session work?
    For a telehealth session you need to be in a quiet space with enough room for you to move, lie down, sit, etc. You also need to have good lighting so we can see you clearly, a strong internet connection, and a spot to place your computer, phone, iPad, etc for a clear camera view. A telehealth session is about the same as an in person session without the hands on work. It may include patient education, movement evaluation, and instruction on exercise, self mobilization, etc.
  • How does my space need to be set-up for a mobile visit?
    All the session requires is a quiet, private space for treatment. Depending on the diagnosis you will need enough room that you can lie down comfortably. If you have access to a fitness center in your home or office, great! But this is not necessary.
  • What does the physical therapist bring for sessions?
    We will travel with resistance bands, basic medical equipment (blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, stethoscope) and other small therapy and medical equipment when necessary.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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