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What Would You Do If

You Could Only Make ONE OFFER

For The Rest of Your Life?

Dance PT Summit of 2023"

January 15th, 2pm - 6:30pm EST

Evidence-Based Treatment for Partnering in Dance

PR for Dance PT

PT Offers Dance Schools Want & Teacher and Student Buy-in


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The Showstopper Where You Level Up Your Dance PT Career

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Dancer Tendinopathy

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The Top Dance PT Therapeutic Exercises To Add To Your Toolbox

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Dear Friend,

Are you feeling like your future in Dance PT is up in the air?

If you've ever thought ...




... then you might need to increase your knowledge.

You are unsure how rehabilitation for dancers can be different, you may even have a strong background in dance, but when it comes to treating dancers, you don't know know where to begin.

There's so much hype online with COVID-19 and it is impossible to deny that the world of physical therapy is changing. Once this social distancing has ended, you don't know what jobs or clinicals are available to you, let alone getting involved in something that allows you to work with your dream niche, dancers.

You feel stuck. Next thing you know, you're thinking ...


I understand because I've been there.

My name is Jenna Kantor and I had to recover from a traumatic dance clinical rotation.

It was my second to last clinical rotation and it taught me to doubt myself to a degree I never knew was possible. The clinical rotation I was most looking forward to ending up destroying me. I have never felt so down.


But finally, after some time and Taco Bell, I re-connected with my self-confidence, continued educating myself on treating dancers, and worked with business mentors to learn things school did not teach me.

It worked.

My passion became higher than ever and I got my first singer/actor/dancer patient on January 1st, 2019. I built on my musical theatre connections and created new ones to expand my network and treat more performers. Most of them ended up being dancers. I got to speak about injury prevention at dance studios and it was everything I dreamed it would be.


It was like I'd struck gold.

And then I as struck by something else ...

The realization that if I'd had access to many physical therapists who had this kind of need, I could help them because of how much I had learned from my own failures. I could share what I know by bringing together the experts who taught me what I know. 

No matter the individual ... not the job market ... not matter that you are stuck at home ... not matter their personal history or experience level ...

These lessons applied "across the board" ... and they were critical to long-term success and stability.

These business and marketing experts were sharing amazing things with me that, no matter the industry or field, could change the lives of countless physical therapists who want to work with dancers.

Because it's not about their obstacles during this time, it's about how they were using their time and energy to attract dancers who need their help.

These dance rehabilitation, business, and marketing were showing me how to break free of those invisible gates that makes the option of treating dancers seem distant and nearly impossible.

"Every Physical Therapist Who Has Ever Wanted to Work With Dancers Needs to Know This."

"What if I Join Forces With Clinical And Business Giants, Got Them To Do Live Discussions Detailing Their Plans,

Worked With Them To Make As Much Noise As Possible, And Put These Lessons In The Hands Of Student and Professional Physical Therapists?"

So how do I get this information into as many hands as possible?


My first thought, of course, was to package it all up and sell it. I have information that goes beyond what is taught in school and have so much to share about business and marketing that could significantly help physical therapists during this dark time. I could charge thousands!

But then I realized I would be limiting the number of physical therapists who really need this information right now. I would create a high ticket, less accessible item.

That just wouldn't work. I wanted to get this in the hands of as many people as possible. 

Then it hit me ...

To say that I love treating dancers would be an extreme understatement.

Eventually, at some point in treating dancers through my own private practice, I realized that something was off. I was not sharing what I learned with other people. If I wanted the dancers I care so much about to have better access to dance physical therapists, I had to help other people who wanted to work with this niche.

I was treating dancers regularly, but there are so many hopefuls who want to do what I am doing. Keeping my secrets to myself was selfish and not for the greater good of the performance community.


I knew there was a way for us all to work with dancers, so being the nerd that I am, I started learning what was holding other physical therapists back from working with dancers.

The more I asked, watched, read, and listened ... the more I began to piece together that most student and professional PTs don't know where to begin and massively lack self-confidence. Most people thought the only way they could work with dancers was whether or not they got a dance PT clinical rotation.

I knew that working with dancers was not contingent on a clinical rotation, but how could others know that if there was not a clear pathway? And now with the decrease in jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, what jobs will actually be available when we survive this? Would there be options to work with dancers or will people have to take whatever job (no matter how bad) and be grateful?

Getting Dancers to Treat

So, I thought to myself, "Self! Rather than waiting for someone else to provide the yellow brick road for physical therapists, why don't I just put together a clear step-by-step pathway for treating and bring in marketing and business leaders to help with the employment opportunity problem?"

And that's exactly what I did.

"I Wanted to Give EXACTLY What Student and Professional Physical Therapists need that would lead to long-term, sustainable success in rehabilitating dancers."

Giving information you would learn in your clinical rotation and beyond ...

Providing the answers you need to attract patients from the safety of your home ...

And mash it up in one event ...

From idea to plan to execution.

At first I was unsure if anyone would respond to the idea of an online opportunity ... but then I got a request. And another. And another.

As I began getting overloaded with requests, I better understood how important this was for others. People want to be able to work with dancers even if they don't get a dance clinical rotation and they want to build relationships with dance studios in order to attract the right patients ...

"I would have saved years of effort and tons of heartache instead of slogging through attempt after failure after break-even experiment with finding dancers to help rehabilitate and actually treating them."

Dance PT Summit.jpg
Dance PT Summit-2.jpg

TRUTH BOMB: You do not need to do a dance clinical rotation or and dance PT residency to be a trusted and successfully rehabilitate dancers.

As people are losing their PT jobs and clinical rotations, who needed to know this truth.

And I realized ...

And What If We Did It For Free?

It sounds crazy, but hey ... this wouldn't be the first time I've been called that. #craycray

But it must not be THAT crazy ... because when I made the suggestion, every one of these legendary people you see here said YES.

Do you know why?

Because this is how we make an impact.

This is how we do the greatest good.

And the great clinicians and business-people ... they want that legacy.

You see ... knowledge leads to better treatments.

Better treatments leads to increased business.

Increased business leads to wealth.

Wealth leads to greater positive impact, through the ability to give and do more.

And that kind of impact ... is how we change the world.


As I like to say ... get rich, give back.


So, who are these amazing clinicians and business icons partnering with me to bring you these game-changing lessons at no cost to you? 

"These Clinical and Marketing Experts Will show You How to Generate Patients and Take Your Dance PT Treatments To The Next Level"

Now ... how much do you think something like this should cost?

Remember ... we're giving specific solutions to your dance physical therapy treatment and employment problems from some of the top minds in PT rehabilitation and business across the United States. There's something for everyone here.

When I thought about charging for this, you could imagine how hight the price climbed.

And the truth is, the vast majority of people out there would do everything they could to take this idea and turn it into a massive payday.

But while most people are moving toward the money ... we're moving towards the impact.

As I've already said, this is our gift to you. I'm not trying to sell you anything here.

The truth is ... while I love learning from people who are ahead of me in this game ... I've learned a thing or two myself in order to have a successful dance physical therapy practice. I had to splash around, make a lot of attempts and work like crazy to figure it out for myself.

(That's how I know just how amazing all these plans are!)

And while I wouldn't be sad to pocket a huge chunk of change for selling all this goodness ...

By giving away access to these brilliant plans instead, I'm helping countless eager student and professional physical therapists equip themselves with the vision and foresight they need to build their own career-sustaining businesses and change the dance world for the better.

"These Dance Physical Therapy Clinical and Marketing Experts Will show You How to Generate Consistent Cash Flow adn Take You From "Rehab Pro" to "Stable Entrepreneur"

Free stuff is meaningless. I've learned from personal experience that the more I give away, no strings attached, the more it's wasted.

People who don't have any skin in the game ... aren't going to play. They don't follow through, if they even bother to show up at all.

I want better for you.

So that's why I have to apply some pressure here. For that reason, these interviews will only be available to your during the live stream.

The summit is 1 day long, with all the interviews spread out throughout the day. Once the day is up, those interviews are gone ... poof ... bye Felicia.

Why am I doing it like this?

To force you to take action.

This is the best way I know of to help you succeed.

When you have that one day pressure, it requires more of you ... and the more that's required of you, the more likely you will be to pay attention and then implement.

So to help you implement these business-sustaining insights, I'm giving you the ability to watch the live summit for free.

During the event, you can watch each presentation in real-time. I want you to block off your calendar and set aside some time to learn.


Drink in the greatness.

Visualize and plan.

And, of course, take a crapload of notes.

And then I want you to go turn your dance physical therapy career into the cash-flow machine it's supposed to be ... just like you learned how to do by watching these speakers.

It requires a real commitment on your part ...

But if you can make that commitment, I'm happy to give you this gift.

And then ... it all disappears.

I can't freaking wait to see how far you got with this.

See you on the inside!!!

P.S. Let's recap one more time ...

When you register for the Dance PT Summit (for free!), you'll get access (for free!) to all the discussions with 8 of the greatest dance PT treatment and business minds today across the United States. They're sharing how they would implement their dance rehabilitation and attract dancers to treat ... in a way that sustains cash flow needs for the rest of their lives. You'll learn how to transform YOUR career, and never get stuck job where you have no access to dancers.

Join us!

All you need to do is register right now.

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