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Taking Off My Coat

[Taking Off My Coat]

Has this ever happened to you?

It’s the middle of winter and you are struggling to stay warm in your winter coat as you walk to the subway. Then you get on the subway and you find yourself unbelievably hot. All the work your body was doing to heat up is finally a success. Years ago, when this overheating would occur, I would leave my massive coat on because removing it seemed to be too much of a trouble.

One day, it dawned on me that by taking off my coat, not only would I be alleviating the problem, I’d also be consciously reiterating my own self value. It was a very small thing, but this action was the beginning of a very slow ripple effect on my self esteem. It got me to ask myself, “Do I think I’m important enough to be comfortable right now?” It was bewildering to discover how much I wanted to say yes, but instinctually, I would lean towards no.

From the simple action of taking off my coat, I am acknowledging my importance. I am saying to myself, “I deserve to be comfortable.”

This message has gone a long way. I now regularly acknowledge, approach, and work through my internal criticisms head on. Slowly pulling me out of my river of fake happiness is a small act that has had a valuable ripple effect on my life.

I am proud of the leaps I have taken in less than a year with my own self worth. I love myself a little more every day. My internal criticism is still ready to play ball, but my actions help reiterate to believe in myself. Facing each negative remark head on reinforces that I am valuable.

... and it all began with taking off my coat.

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