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How a stranger's fall changed my life

📗How a stranger's fall on ice change my life

☃️It was a cold morning and I was walking to the subway on my way to my survivor job. In musical theater, I lovingly referred to any job outside of shows as a survivor job because it was something I did not care about and could quit any day at the drop of a dime.

❄️As I tiptoed cautiously on the icy cement, I saw an elderly lady across the street suddenly slip and fall onto the ground. I was not a physical therapist at this point in my life, so I did not understand the gravity of the situation. I did, however, know that she needed help right away.

🚗 I hurried over to her as she remained motionless on the ground. She was so shocked about the situation that she didn’t not want to move in order to prevent something bad from happening. When I got to her, it was obvious she was relieved to have someone come and help her come back to a standing position. As I was asking her if she had any pain anywhere and if she was okay, a car pulled up to see if any more help was needed. I was overwhelmed by the giving nature of strangers.

🚘None of us knew this woman and none of us knew each other. We all had one thing in common - we wanted to help this lady. I stayed with the woman as the driver brought us back to her building, which I was surprised to learn was the same building as mine. The woman was greeted in front of the building by her daughter and escorted inside.

😊From that point on, the woman regularly invited me to her apartment for dinner. She also would occasionally give me gifts or cards in front of my door. I thanked her and was never able to take her up on an invite. I quickly learned that she did this for others in the apartment complex. Wow!

❤️I was honored to have her love.

😟A few years later, the kind lady moved out of the apartment to live with her daughter. She needed the help. I was truly sad to see this magnificent woman go. She brought so much positivity into my life with her random acts of kindness.

👭I would never have thought that helping another person would lead to gaining so much for myself. That was not my intention, but that’s how things ended.

💕This magical, fairy princess of a lady brought regular love to me any chance she could. Her endless gratitude filled me with a large bucket of love.

🍀I am the lucky one.

😍Every once in awhile, I think of this woman and pray she is alive and well. I know her health was declining when she left, but the world needs her. Her love for others is priceless.

💙💚💛🧡💜The smallest acts of love can have a significant impact on an individual. In this story, that individual was me.

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