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I Failed

[ I failed. ]

As I was about to embark on 3 years of education at Columbia University to earn my doctorate in physical therapy, I felt like a failure. It did not matter how hard I worked on my craft as a performer. I was leaving the business. I was a quitter. I was a failure.

The embarrassment I felt when starting my first semester and physical therapy school was unreal. I made sure not to share my reality on Facebook or other social media because I was ashamed. The world would think I had given up. Even though I knew in my heart I was not giving up, it was hard to believe.

I thought my school would be a place where I could be me, a safe haven for those wanting to live their best life. That was not the case, so I hid my plans for my future. I was not going to ask for someone else’s opinion or let my dreams be derailed by an opposing opinion. My silence protected me. I could not handle someone telling me I would fail in my new ventures because I already felt like broken glass. I did not want my remains to be further shattered.

To my surprise, my significant fear of failure has pushed me to live my dream life as a physical therapist and performer. I see my future and it all comes into fruition as long as I:

1. Take action 2. Help others 3. Love myself

No matter how long my journey to success will be, I will enjoy every moment. I have already experienced failure and I’m stronger because of it.

If you find yourself failing life, know that it is never too late and anything is possible. You may have to work your ass off, but it will be truly worth it in the end.

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