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Envy is for Losers

[ Envy is for losers ]

My mom once told me that I should never be envious.

In my musical theater career, I have definitely come across many people who suffer from envy. It is masked by constant negative talk about those who have been granted the opportunity to play a role that they could play themselves. Even if what they are saying is true, they revolve their conversations around bringing their competition down.

I know a girl who has dedicated her entire career to throwing other people under the bus in order to move ahead. Her envy is so strong that it has become the leading player in her life. Has she had success with her methods? Absolutely.

Do not be like this. You will find yourself more alone every day.

If you find success by talking poorly about others to casting directors, choreographers, agents, producers, etc, please stop. We are already in a tough enough career choice with endless rejections and self-doubt. We need to team up to lift each other up and to help enjoy the journey as much as the destination. We are so much better together, not apart.

Take reading this as an opportunity to reflect on all of your actions and make changes to build to contribute on building a more familiar theater community. As I write this, I am reflecting on myself to keep growing.

Instead of being envious of someone more talented and successful than you, celebrate, cherish, and love that superstar. Who knows? There may be someone who looks at you the same way. Set the example.

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