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Dancers come in all Sizes

[Dancers come in all sizes]

This is going to be short and sweet.

As a physical therapist, this is a no-brainer. No matter your size, …

•If you want to dance, then freaking dance. •If you want to be on television, then go ahead and be on television. •If you want to be a singer, open up your mouth and “sing out, Louise!”

As a physical therapist, I believe that you are going to get injured at some point in your life … just like everyone else. It is common and it is normal. Having more weight on you may give you specific problems and they may not. Regardless, there is always a risk for getting injured.

Therefore, your weight should not stop you from living your dream and dancing your heart out. You only live once, so get your badass self on that stage. If you fear other people’s opinions, tell them to shove it. If you struggle with believing in yourself, tell the devil on your left shoulder to fuck off.

It is time to raise the roof and light the house on fire with your talent.

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