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The Magic Drink

[The Magic Drink]

My quest for the perfect drink.

Once upon a time, I was married to Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks. Everyday, I would approach the counter and proudly request, “I would like a venti soy no foam no water chai tea latte, please.” In my order, I wanted to get as much chai as possible. Eliminating the water and foam allotted me extra sips of my beverage.

After 5 years of daily bliss, I looked up the amount of calories in a large chai. This was before food companies valued nutrition like their customers. The calorie count was equivalent to the amount I needed for breakfast and lunch. I was aghast and filed for a royal divorce immediately.

As I remove the chai weight, I began an intense relationship with diet sodas. The diet sodas helped curb my appetite for desserts and made me feel full. I fell in love with Rootbeer for the first time while developing a preference for Coke over Pepsi. Then the evil queen, Acid Reflux, stormed in to disrupt the passionate romance. Acid Reflux made me lose my voice regularly and difficult to eat food when she was really mad. There was no other choice - I had to break my ties with the carbonated family.

For more than 10 years, I had an on again/off again love affair with hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts. I could only have her on special occasions due to her high calorie count (still lower than the chai). One could say our relationship was more off than on. It seemed as though there was not a single magical drink for me ...

Then, one cold winters day, my husband brought home a beverage from his work, Bai. He seemed proud to introduce me to this coconut flavored drink, saying, “It’s really good. Trust me.” With hesitation, I let the fluid concoction pour onto my taste buds. The clouds parted, the sun rose, and the birds tweeted. I was exposed to a miracle, coconut flavored Bai water.

This brings us to today, the era of Bai. I currently drink at least two per day and I absolutely LOVE every sip. It’s also low in calories, hydrates me, and curbs my appetite for dessert. I am grateful for Bai to be my current leading lady. Everyone who hangs out with me usually ends up hearing me go off on a tangent about my love for Bai.

As I share my discovery, I do find myself conflicted at times because a large part of me wants it all to myself. I would like to send out a sincere message of gratitude to the makers of Bai water. You have brought endless happiness to my tastebuds.

Thank you.

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