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My Proposal Story

📷📷📷My proposal story📷📷📷

📷It twas the 3rd year anniversary of Prince Yiyan of Pittsburgh and Princess Yenna of Petaluma. A fantastical knight, Sir Greg Kalafatas of Disney Cruise Line, used his ranking to give free access to Kingdom of Disney in Florida to the happy couple for 3 days and 2 nights. With the protection of Greg's mighty sword, the couple began their journey in the land of Epcot.

📷For those who know Princess Yenna, she was delicately nagging Prince Yiyan for a flash mob proposal for a good portion of their courtship. In fact, it was a delightful daily ritual. She did, however, give Prince Yiyan of Pittsburgh another, second choice option of proposing in the land of Disney. Henceforth, as they trotted through Epcot on their white horses, the Princess regularly exclaimed, "People are walking this way! Is it happening? Is this my flash mob?" The less than enthusiastic Prince would reply, "Oh, yeah, but now you ruined it. Go back home everyone. You figure it out. Flash mob is canceled."

📷After 1 night and 1 day had transpired, Princess Yenna disremembered the possibility of her second choice proposal. It might have been the heat or the overall excitement of the adventure that caused this memory relapse. This temporary amnesia still remains an unsolved mystery.

📷Ergo, on the 2nd day, the couple and Sir Greg voyaged on a lofty shuttle bus to Disney's Magical Kingdom. The delicate Princess was a flurry of energy and eagerly took photos with her Prince at the entrance to appease the paparazzi. The elation was overwhelming for Yenna's fragile bladder and she found herself prancing to the royal restroom shortly after the photoshoot.

📷Meanwhile, Prince Yiyan was jittery mess because he was about to propose to the Princess. He had slipped the box with the ring into his trousers and feared Yenna had detected it. Upon the Princesses return, the Prince had to focus on "being normal" as Sir Greg led them to Cinderella's castle in their horse and carriage.

📷Princess Yenna's wish was to have a Kodak moment in front of the castle. Her dream was postponed by Sir Greg's fleeting urge to use the royal restroom. In reality, he was departing to secretly set up his camera to capture the proposal. Recognizing this as an opportunity to get food, the Princess daintily sauntered like flowers in the breeze to a nearby food stand. Her sudden absence left the poor Prince in a sweat because she was interrupting his plan to propose.

📷📷Upon Yenna's return, Yiyan took the opportunity to get a majestical selfie of them in front of the castle. He then, went into his speech.

Yiyan: Who's your favorite Disney character? Yenna: Cruella and Arielle of course. Yiyan: I mean, who is your favorite costume character. Yenna: Hmmm. That is a good question. I don't know. Yiyan: Well, mine is Donald. Yenna: Really? You've never been able to settle on a favorite character before. Yiyan: Yeah, I like Donald ... and Donald needs his Daisy ... and Mickey needs his Minnie (pulling out the ring box) ... and Yiyan need his Yenna. (on his knee) Will you marry me?

Princess Yenna was speechless, but had many words racing in her head. The first thought was, "Wait, this isn't a flash mob!" This was followed by the second thought, "I hate my outfit." Her final thought, as Yiyan finished lowering down to one knee, "Is this real?" She blacked out and then was brought back when an onlooker shouted, "What did she say?!?!"

📷Yiyan: (laughing) She hasn't said anything. 📷Yenna: (crying and remaining silent) Nods.

📷Sir Greg leaped out of the surrounding wilderness of the Magic Kingdom to reveal he was capturing the magical moment in secret. Princess Yenna was overwhelmed and incapable of stopping her happy tears.

📷Despite Princess Yenna's wish to have a flash mob, her dream really did come true. The location was perfect, the ring was perfect, the speech was perfect, and, most importantly, Prince Yiyan was perfect. The Royal engagement exceeded imagined expectations. As the happy couple was escorted to Tomorrowland to being their celebration, the townsfolk exclaimed, "All hail, Prince Yiyan and Princess Yenna, the best couple in the world!" And they lived happily ever after.

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