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I Quit

[ I Quit ]

That’s it. I’m quitting. I’m ending this rollercoaster relationship I have with theatre and starting something on my own terms.

I’m done with 1. Not performing regularly 2. Lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion 3. Lack of opportunities for talented people 4. Crappy pay 5. Limited jobs for people with disabilities 6. Performers fearing asking for help when they are hurt

It is time to “identify bold artists with unique narratives and nurture them in their creation of provocative, socially relevant and distinctly theatrical works that challenge artists and audiences alike.” - Blane Pressler

I know it will take time to fully achieve this vision, but I DO NOT CARE. My hunger is strong.

To make this happen, my husband and I are producing our first season for our nonprofit corporation, Yiyenna Productions Inc.

Here is our mission:

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