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Being the Outsider

[Being the Outsider]

“Here I am walking with people who are going to judge EVERYTHING I do today.” This is what I got to experience earlier this week.

Have you ever felt this way?

This is not the community anyone wants to be in. In fact, my usage of the word “community” is a bit humorous because it is so far from it.

I said it many times and I’ll say it again. You have to surround yourself with people who love and support you. If you are unsure, here are signs that a person is lacking that full support (and yes, all of this has happened to me):

1. Tells you to turn off your personality

2. Only comments on how you are bad at something

3. Never comments on how you are good at something

4. Only has time for you when they want to criticize

5. They do not share intimate details about themselves with you

6. Says bad things about every single person she/he knows to you (you will not be the exception)

7. Only says good things about people they want something from

8. Only takes from you, never gives

9. Lies to you

10. Fails to embrace and enjoy you for being you

11. The person can’t keep your secrets

12. Does not trust you

13. Judges everything you do

14. Only wants to be around you when you are successful

This list is meant to be helpful. I used to run towards these relationships hoping there was some way to make it would work. It only tore away at my self worth.

I do not want people to waste their time and energy like I did. It only left me feeling worse about myself. I would cry in a dark corner or hide away from people in general.

Don’t do this to yourself. Surround yourself with true, authentic, and loving relationships. You deserve only the best.

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