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How To Get CEUs & Certification


  • Step 1 - Do Treatment Track Quizzes

  • Step 2 - Do Treatment Track Final Exam

  • Step 3 - Email Jenna at to let her know and for her to check your work

  • NOTE - Certification is given once the quizzes & final exam are completed. CEUs are given once the quizzes & final exam are completed AND the Dance PT Program is fully paid.


Spreadsheet to Track Your Progress

  • Link to Spreadsheet

  • Video on How To Navigate Spreadsheet

  • NOTE - This is where Jenna hand records what is completed, so you know what you have done and what still needs to be done.


Links To Quizzes & Final Exam

Module 1 - Digging in Enneagram Results


Module 2 - Name Those Steps


Module 3 - Write Out Dancer Corrections


Module 4 - Predict Ballet Injuries and Correct


Module 5 - Create A Dancer Exercise


Module 6 - Diving Deeper  


Module 7 - What Should You Tape


Module 8 - Wellness Programs for Dancers


Final Exam


Summation of CEU Criteria

  • States that don't need approval: AL, WI, NH, NE, KS, IA, CT

  • States with reciprocity: AK, DE, GA, IL, IA, MS, MN, NC, RI, SC, TN, OR

  • No CEU requirements: MI, ME

  • All other states need CEU approval.

  • NOTE: The approval number from OH is on the CEU certificate.  That will cover the majority of people.  If you are in other states, you should know your state’s protocol.  Very likely, you will have to submit the same thing that I did for it to become CEUs.

  • Here is the link to get the documents that may likely be requested.


State Websites to Get CEU Protocol

Alabama ProfileWebsite 

Alaska ProfileWebsite 

Arizona ProfileWebsite 

Arkansas ProfileWebsite 

California ProfileWebsite 

Colorado ProfileWebsite 

Connecticut ProfileWebsite 

Delaware ProfileWebsite 

District of Columbia ProfileWebsite 

Florida ProfileWebsite 

Georgia ProfileWebsite 

Hawaii ProfileWebsite 

Idaho ProfileWebsite 

Illinois ProfileWebsite 

Indiana ProfileWebsite 

Iowa ProfileWebsite 

Kansas ProfileWebsite 

Kentucky ProfileWebsite 

Louisiana ProfileWebsite 

Maine ProfileWebsite 

Maryland ProfileWebsite 

Massachusetts ProfileWebsite 

Michigan ProfileWebsite 

Minnesota ProfileWebsite 

Mississippi ProfileWebsite 

Missouri ProfileWebsite 

Montana ProfileWebsite 

Nebraska ProfileWebsite 

Nevada ProfileWebsite 

New Hampshire ProfileWebsite 

New Jersey ProfileWebsite 

New Mexico ProfileWebsite 

New York ProfileWebsite 

North Carolina ProfileWebsite 

North Dakota ProfileWebsite 

Ohio ProfileWebsite 

Oklahoma ProfileWebsite 

Oregon ProfileWebsite 

Pennsylvania ProfileWebsite 

Rhode Island ProfileWebsite 

South Carolina ProfileWebsite 

South Dakota ProfileWebsite 

Tennessee ProfileWebsite 

Texas ProfileWebsite 

Utah ProfileWebsite 

Vermont ProfileWebsite 

Virginia ProfileWebsite 

Washington ProfileWebsite 

West Virginia ProfileWebsite 

Wisconsin ProfileWebsite 

Wyoming ProfileWebsite 

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