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Hip Hop Dance - Understanding The Culture To Better Treat


Lauren graduated from Winthrop University (located in Rock Hill, South Carolina) in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Biology, minor in Chemistry. She earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from The University of St. Augustine of Health Sciences (USA) in St. Augustine, Florida in 2018. While attending Winthrop University, she was able to take coursework in Hip Hop Dancing from a New York Choreographer, compete in “So You Think You Can Dance Winthrop”, and perform in the Winthrop University Homecoming talent show to showcase her love for hip hop dancing with a combination of Popping, Locking, Tutting, Waving and Isolations. These experiences allowed her to establish a foundation in the techniques and history of Hip Hop dancing, as well as broaden her understanding of competitive dancing and the stresses it can have on the body. As a licensed physical therapist in Florida and South Carolina, Lauren has a passion for athlete performance in women, addressing their mental, emotional and physical health with the belief that a woman’s relationship to all three of these areas determines the trajectory of her personal and professional growth/development. In other words, if a woman cannot address all aspects of her health comfortably, it will create deficits in her athletic performance and in her ability to excel in her sport of choice (such as dancing). As a result, Lauren wrote and published a book in April 2020 called “Don’t Get Old: Your Blueprint to Aging Well Mentally, Emotionally and Physically” to provide women the motivation, mindset, and tangible resources to create a healthy lifestyle and to create a healthy relationship with themselves regardless of their age and societal pressures. She is currently residing in Charleston, South Carolina and is the owner of “Vibranium Performance” a mobile and wellness physical therapy company.